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“ India is the only Country in the world, having the highest Youth population;largest living space, as a God’s Gift “
India is one of the most Ancient Countries in the world, having an Unique Culture, Customs, Traditions, & Moral Value. Our Fore Fathers lived more than 100 years with out even a sight error, & Hospitalisation.
Today Indian Youth Health is Under
Due to Cigarette Smoking, Alcohol, Drug-Addiction, Lack of Parental Guidelines, & Lack of Good Friendships

Environmental Health

Health Screening

Future Health Foundation

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School Health

School Health is the First Priority for us, as Children are the Future for everyone & for every aspect of our country. School going age is the Right time to give Future Health Foundation for them to lead long life.

Home Health

Home Health is the Foundation for Health as we spend half of our Lifespan in Home only. Cross ventilation, High roofs, Hygienic Kitchen, Toilets, Healthy Mattresses, Furniture & Proper Healthy Diet with Art of Healthy Living is the priority.

Occupational Health

Occupational Health is very serious Health consideration, for the Employee as the job work causes Hidden Health Hazards. Depend on the nature of the job, one will have different kind of Health side effects. Health Discipline can Prevent the Health damage to some extent

Personal Health

Personal Health is the one which many people will neglect. But it is the Health-key for the individual to avoid all most all, Lifestyle Diseases including communicable diseases


Family is the Origin of Life, from which Bondings, Affections, & Feelings will be developed, through out the Life. When everybody in the family are Healthy only, the Family can br Healthy. This is possible when you have " My Health Membership " Enrolment, by which all your Family Members can Enjoy their Lives, with out Running around to Doctors & Hospitals.

E Health Drive

Environmental Health Drive only keeps us ALIVE, as we are the part of Nature. Breathing, Drinking, Eating, Sleeping, & lifestyle activities are happening only with the coordination of Environment & Our Health System, So E Heath Drive is Mandatory for All, by which we are able to lead our Lives


Campus Health Awareness Initiation

About Us

We are Group of Doctors from , Allopathy, Ayurvedic, Homeopathy, Unami, Naturopathy & Siddha Doctors, who are interested in the preventive Health care with a public Health Concern, working to achieve a Healthy India 2024. Our first interest is, for our Future Generation, as they are the Future Citizens of India, and it is our Fundamental Duty, to hand over A Healthy India , but not A Diseased India.

Even after 75 years of our Independence, we made our India as the World’ Capital for Diabetes & other Diseases. We are only creating Diseases, knowingly or unknowingly. We don’t have proper Health infrastructure, Healthy Air to Breath.

Why We Need Life Supporting Health Discipline

Human Health System is an Unique & Innovative, natural, Auto functional, intelligent system.

Doctor image

No Artificial Intelligence can substitute our Health System There are Five types of Health Hazards which will spoil our Health.

A) Genetic Hidden Health Hazards
B) Occupational Health Hazards,
C) Lifestyle Acquired Diseases,
D) Environmental Health Hazards.
E) Bad Governance, Public Health Hazards.

To over come all the above Health Hazards, you need Doctors continue guidelines for correcting your Health system and to maintain A Healthy Immunity power, by which you can live, Healthy against Diseases & Viruses,
This Ultimate Health Gift you and your Family Members can avail, as “ Life Supporting Membership “ by Future Health Foundation.

For Membership Call Us

Life Supporting Membership, is a Medical Mandatory
for every family member, to sustain against, Diseases & Viruses

Frequently Asked Question

Life Supporting Health Discipline

One possibility is that our lifestyle choices have changed over time and we are now more likely to engage in unhealthy behaviors that shorten our lifespan. Another possibility is that the quality of healthcare has improved over time, which has allowed us to live longer even though we may be more susceptible to diseases and conditions that shorten our lifespan. Finally, it is also possible that our genes have changed over time and we are now more likely to inherit diseases and conditions that shorten our lifespan.

There are a number of reasons why strict health reforms and implementations have not been put in place. One reason is that the health care industry is a very powerful lobby and has been able to resist any significant changes. Another reason is that the cost of health care is so high that it is difficult to get political support for any kind of reform that would increase costs.

the Indian government has not made cashless healthcare a priority. Another reason is that many Indians are still not comfortable using electronic payments, preferring to use cash. Finally, there is a lack of infrastructure in many parts of India, making it difficult to implement a cashless healthcare system.

The government is more focused on reactive healthcare, which is responding to health crises as they occur, rather than preventive healthcare which is proactive in nature. Another reason could be that the government believes that the benefits of preventive healthcare may not be immediately apparent and therefore not worth the investment. Finally, the government may simply not have the funds available to invest in preventive healthcare to the extent that they would like to.

As we are seeing school children are already under a lot of pressure to perform well academically and there is not much time or resources to dedicate to developing recreation programs. Additionally, children may not be interested in participating in recreation programs if they are not perceived as fun or beneficial. Finally, recreation programs can be costly to implement and may not be seen as a priority for schools when there are other areas that need funding.

There are a number of reasons why global standard health infrastructure does not exist even in 2022. One reason is that the world‘s population is not evenly distributed, meaning that some areas have much greater needs for health care than others. Additionally, many countries do not have the financial resources to invest in comprehensive health care systems. Additionally, some countries may not prioritize health care as a national priority, instead focusing on other areas such as education or defense.

Governments are not executing organic farming for vegetables, fruits, and grains because they are not economically viable. Organic farming requires more labor and land, and the yields are often lower than those of conventional farms. The higher costs of organic products make them less affordable for many consumers. Governments may also be concerned about the potential impact of organic farming on the environment.

To be aOneStopShop for providing the best in the class Health Care Facilities within the School Campus.

To develop a model of School Health Drive which can be replicated to other Institutions across the country.

To improve on the understanding of the Children & Parents about the Health Care Facilities.

To improve the Health Care Facilities for the Children within the School Campus.

To provide a platform to the Children & Parents to seek guidance from the Health Care Professionals.

To provide a platform to the Health Care Professionals to interact with the Children & Parents.

There are many reasons why the government is not banning cigarette smoking, drugs trafficking, plastics, food adulteration, and environmental pollution. Some of these reasons include the following:

1. Cigarette smoking, drugs trafficking, plastics, food adulteration, and environmental pollution are all major problems that the government is trying to tackle.

2. Banning these activities would be very difficult to enforce and would likely lead to even more problems.

3. These activities generate a lot of revenue for the government, which would be lost if they were banned.

4. Some people argue that banning these activities would be an infringement on their personal freedoms. 5. There are many other issues that the government is also trying to deal with, and banning these activities would likely not be the most effective use of resources.


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